why does my direct tv say searching for satellite signal

-"Searching for Satellite" is an message that appears when the signal is unable to reach the receiver. In order for a signal to be received, it must first travel from the orbitting satellite down to the satellite dish, focused into the low noise blocker (LNB) and sent through cables, possibly a multi-switch, and finally to your receiver. If there is any break in the process, you will see a "Searching for Satellite (ext. 771)" in some form on the screen. -Most often on an aged dish the LNB will start sending signal to the receiver in a way that it cannot read it. Also this issue is caused by the weather. If there is snow or ice build-up on the dish, VERY CAREFULLY remove it. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TOUCH THE LNB'S!!!!!!!! They are extremely sensitive and can be easily damaged.

The problem should then resolve itself. -Also, very often the issue is caused by a change in installation, purposefully or not. Check the cabling to make sure there is no damage or misinstallation (cables disconnected or connected incorrectly). -If neither of these seem to be a problem, reset the receiver by unplugging the power, waiting 10-15 seconds (30-40 for DVR's) and plug it back in. If the problem persists, continue below. If you have a DVR or an HD DVR, see
If this message only appears on a local channel see If this message only appears on a foreign channel see Before you continue be aware that: if anything recently changed in your equipment setup, if there is any new contruction, if there is any tree growth this may prevent a signal from reaching the receiver.

Check channels 490 and 491, follow the steps below on the situation that applies. Some older homes and cable installations may have reused RG-59 cable with splices that were not replaced or over looked by the original installer. P Note that all satellite installations, PRG-6 is strongly recommended (vs RG-59) and it is important to check and potentiallyPrerun RG-6 cable and to eliminate or reduce any splices, especially between the power inserter and the SWiM itself. If this still hasn't solved the issue then ordering a When a DirecTV satellite receiver does not get a signal from a satellite, it sends an error message to the screen informing the viewer that it s searching for a signal.

This does not mean that the dish is moving. It only means the electronic circuits are checking for the presence of the signal, and will continue to do so until a signal arrives. Your dish should have been properly aligned at installation by a DirecTV technician. The loss of signal could come from several causes. Check the weather outside. A severe thunderstorm in the path of your satellite signal can block it completely, even if it isn t raining at your location. A light rain should not cause signal outage. If it does, call DirecTV and ask for a service call to realign your dish for a stronger signal. Check the dish for damage or being pushed out of position. If a heavy wind has bent or ripped your dish off the mounts, you will get the warning until it is repaired.

If a branch has fallen on the feed horn and broken or bent it, you may not get a signal. Ice or snow on a dish can also block the signal. Check the cable connection at the input to the receiver and at the dish. Follow the cable looking for breaks, cuts or a crushed cable, which could have an internal short. Remove the connector and look for physical damage, corrosion or water. Replace the cable or connectors if necessary or call DirecTV for service. Look in the direction the satellite is pointed. If someone has built a house or building, or constructed a water tower in the path, you signal could be blocked. Also look for trees that may have grown into the path.

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