why does my dog scratch the floor at night

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Uploaded video will be live after processing. Go ahead and post your question. Uploaded video will be live after processing. Sending request. Uploading. Ive found with all the dogs I have had if its just a few scratches then just turning round a couple of times before settling its really more of a bedding ritual for want of a better discription. If its continuous mindless scratching that goes on, it tends to be a stess thing (Which my malamute does) at times of stress like fireworks etc.

I get round his by saying nothing going up and just calmly standing in the spot. He then seems to stop and lay down then,for which he gets praised for. bedding ones, then it sounds like he could be getting stressed for some reason. You could try leaving a radio down low on a talking station, this can calm and reassure them when they wake.

Or you could try DAP products. Plug in diffuser form would probably be best, put you can get collars too. It emits an artificial version of the pheromone mum emits to calm and soothe pups, I have found they help, and someone on here recently whos dog was starting to cry in the night tried it and found it helped. You can get them from pets at home or vets, they tend to be cheaper at on line vet pharmacies though. is where I get mine, but check others to see best prices, if you think one might be worth a try.

Order line is 0800 387348 if you decide to get one to try and dont want to do it online. Just one other thought leaving a tee shirt or jumper you have worn in their beds also helps as your smell can also calm and reassure them. so something else that might be worth ago that will cost nothing.

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