why does my cat keep pooping in the bathtub

This article has some good suggestions, however, the statement that some cats misbehave for no reason is completely false. Cats do not have a vindictive or revengeful nature, that said, there is always a reason for their behavior! Veterinarians and behavior specialists look at the cat's physical and emotional health, as well as traits of instinct to help figure out what's going on and find solutions. Think of this as the H. I. S. S. Test, which stands for health, instinct, stress, and symptom solvers. Cats that make a point of eliminating right in front of the owner-squatting in your presence to wet or poop may be crying out for help. Cystitis sometimes prompts cats to urinate in odd places and make a point of it by posturing in front of their human, and sometimes this is in the sink or tub. Painful elimination due to constipation, for example, can prompt cats to avoid the litter box if they associate it with discomfort. Some felines prefer to have separate facilities for solids and liquids.

Even though there may be more than enough room in the single litter box, many prefer to have a fresh box for potty deposits. The stress of losing a beloved family member can't be disregarded. Stress often affects the cat's emotional health. They will feel and react to YOUR mourning, as well as any change in routine. Also, like some dogs, cat's can suffer from separation anxiety, if you leave for extended periods of time. S=Symptom, Signs Solutions
I subscribe to an email list that many professional cat breeders frequent. Eliminating in the sink or bathtub actually is not at all uncommon! However, there is no definitive reason for the behavior, and a combination of factors vary from cat to cat. With intact cats, pottying in the sink or tub can be a form of marking behavior especially in a multiple cat household. Even some neutered cats use uncovered feces as a way to mark territory. Front declawed cats sometimes develop aversions to digging in the litter.

That porcelain feels nice and cool against paw pads, compared to gritty litter. Also, the tub or sink cleaner may influence his preference. Cats often are attracted to the smell of bleach and like to eliminate on top of it. So a shiny clean surface that hints at bleach may be very inviting. Finally, there's a reason they call it copy-cat behavior. Do you ever allow Toby in the bathroom when you must use the facilities? Cats often follow owners to the bathroom. It's not beyond the realm of possibilities that a cat tries to emulate his beloved owners, and the tub and sink don't have pesky water that would offend him if he happened to lose his balance while posing! I have two suggestions. First, add a second litter box, preferably in a different room so there is an option for using a box for #1 and the other for #2. And second, maybe you could simply place the second box inside the empty bathtub? I know a number of professional cat breeders who manage the issue this way.

It helps enormously with clean up - as long as you remember to remove the box before you bathe! Good luck! (Bridgeport, CT) Why does my cat poop on the floor and in the bath tub everyday? I took her for her shots on March 8th thinking that she may have had worms but my vet said she doesn't and yet she has this problem. It's making me want to give her up but since she is a twin and I still have her brother I don't want to. Can you think of any other reason besides worms that may be the cause of her doing this? Cats use their feces as scent markers too and so it could simply be that she is doing this due to some anxiety. It is called Middening and i have written a web page about this issue which you may find of further help. here Don't give up on your cat, this is not bad behavior but due to something she is not happy about. Follow the advice on the page i have linked too and see if it helps to calm her down.

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