why does my rat poop on me

Does your pet rat seem to like to use the bathroom on you every time you get him or her out? Why the Rats Love to Wee and Poo On Us! Pet fancy rats can be litter box trained! I know it may seem crazy, but litter training pet rats canPdefinitely keep you from having to deal with this issue. They begin to associate litter boxes with toilets, and will actively seek one out to potty. Once the rat is trained, keep a litter box nearby for your pet rat to eliminate in when being handled.

This could fix your issue completely if it is done correctly. This may not resolve territorial urine marking, but it will help spare you from excessive amounts of ratty waste. Just remember that you will need to use a large litter box that the rat can comfortably fit in; rabbit litter boxes are actually the perfect size for them. In addition, it is important to NEVER use clay litters. Instead, brands like Yesterday s News provide safe alternatives that won t harm the rat s digestive system.

Give Them Alone Time After Naps!
Rats have very individual personalities, and they all behave very differently as a result. A rat which was handled frequently from birth will be happy with human attention, where one that was left alone with its mom til seperation time has no idea what a human is, or what it means to be picked up. So it s scary. I had a white rat with red eyes which took a much longer time to be convinced that I was not in fact going to eat her, but once she was tame she was much better.

She had terrible eyesight, so hated being picked up and much preferred to choose when she got a human lift. Point is, with time and patience they will get better! Also important to remember is that you cannot punish a rat - they dont understand that and it will make the situation worse. Hope this helps!

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