why does my collar bone stick out of my shoulder

I'm starting to lose all hope. My collarbone, although not totally visible in the upper chest area, stick out directly above my shoulders, creating two points of exposed bone that just feels unnatural. I look at men and women who are RAIL THIN and yet do not appear to be as boney as I am. I feel like it destroys my entire look, and even though I have a great body, they continue to stick out very obviously and nothing is working to get rid of it. Not even the 15 pounds of muscle I put on the last 5 weeks have made any difference at all. How can I get rid of these collarbones and put on body fat? I found out recently my bodyfat is at 4%, and have been told it's actually becoming unhealthy.

I don't know what to do. My body just refuses to put on any kind of body fat what so ever, even though I am bulking up in all the right places, certain bones, and especially my collarbones continue to stick out. I'm 5'9'' and 145 pounds, so I shouldn't look the way I do. I will eat and do anything to get rid of these. Please help me! Again, I have actually put on 15 pounds in the last 4-5 weeks, and it's because I have been eating like crazy (3,000-4,000+ calories daily). So suggestions to eat MORE is probably not the answer. Please help!
Hello, my name is Andreo. I am 25 years old, and have had this issue for ~3 years now. It all started when someone noticed the difference in space between my right arm and left, when standing straight and relaxed.

It was minimal, but was there. A little later I noticed a pea-sized lump on my left shoulder. I started paying attention to it, and ended up going to a chiropractor about the shoulder. Chiropractor took some x rays, and concluded that my left leg was shorter then right, and prescribed shoe insert about 0. 8 centimeters think. I wore that for ~6-8 months, before I started developing foot pain, specifically in back of the heel. I went to a foot doctor that said I didn t need heel lift. I stopped wearing it. All of this time the shoulder lump was increasing in size, and I went to a different chiropractor, which prescribed 25 visits and adjustments.

It didn t help, if anything the shoulder got worse, and pain started developing. The foot pain grew worse. Soon enough the right foot began to hurt, with the pain now being in other places on the foot, more painful. For the last year, the left shoulder lump has increased a lot, and it seems to be the collar bone is coming out of shoulder by ~1-1. 5 cm. The right shoulder started going the same way as left, at a quicker pace. My feet and shoulders crack and pop constantly, the shoulders feel like they are on fire. Middle of the back, on the right side cracks upon the rotation my right arm.

Raising shoulder towards my ears, cracks my back. Rotating left arm around shoulder is a struggle, and causes pain and more cracks. Foot pain gets worse after very little walking. Lower back hurts after prolonged sitting, which I do a lot - student. Over the last 2 years IБve seen multiple podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, rheumatology doctors. Went through chiropractor adjustments. Did 4 different physical therapies for feet. Rheumatology. Tested negative for arthritis, and no idea for the cause. Podiatrists - no help, and no idea for the cause. Orthopedic Surgeons say no need for surgery yet, but have no ideas as to the cause. Please Help?

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