why does my dog sleep under the bed

The most common reason for a dog to hide under a bed is fear. It might be a thunderstorm, a stranger in the house or something getting dropped. Dogs can be overly skittish, especially if they ve been abused. Some breeds are also known for running and hiding when they re scared.

The good news is there isn t a problem with this behavior. The important thing is that your dog feels safe, and if that safe place is under the bed, so be it. The problem arises when your dog is scared to the point that he is constantly hiding under the bed.

In this case, you need to find out the cause of the fear and help your dog be less fearful or remove the problem causing the fear.
Does anyone else s dogs sleep UNDER their beds?

Bruce has his own bed in our bedroom, but in recent weeks has taken to sleeping under our bed! I first noticed this when I heard a snoring noise I couldn t place, then looked down to see a tail poking out of the bottom of the bed and Bruce conked out beneath it!

We tell him to get into his own bed, which he does, but after a few minutes I can hear him creeping accross the carpet to sneak under ours! He doesn t usually like small spaces which is the funny thing!

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