why does my liver hurt when i stop drinking

I ve got the same issue - it actually seldem hurt if I was drinking nightly, but when I cut back to only a couple of days per week, it woud begin to hurt a day or two after drinking. It s what finally made me stop, and it took about 6 weeks of sobriety to go away. In my case, I got some blood tests and all of them came back normal. When the pain persisted, my doctor ordered a CT scan and it indicated a fatty liver. Most heavy drinkers have a fatty liver (I ve read)- it can go away with time (I m told), but I don t know how long it takes - I was diagnosed in Feb.

I m supposed to get another image in June. Your liver itself cannot feel pain, but there are nerve receptors around it, and if it is slighlty enlarged it can feel pain. I ve also read other posts from people with fatty liver who say they feel pain. I don t really hurt any more, but I still feel a twinge in there somewhere. Go get a blood test and follow your docters advice. If he tells you not to worry, then give it some time. If the pain does not leave you, than you can get a CT scan or a sonagram to have a closer look.

It s good that you re scared - it s the only thing that made me stop, and I think it was in the nick of time. Fatty liver sets the stage for more serious liver issues.
ARLD treatment has two goals. The first is to help you stop drinking. This can prevent further liver damage and encourage healing. The second is to improve your liver health. If you have ARLD, your doctor may recommend: Alcoholic rehabilitation program : Programs such as can help you stop drinking when you canвt stop on your own. : B-complex vitamins are usually low in people who drink heavily.

This deficiency can cause anemia or malnutrition. : A transplant may be necessary if your liver is too scarred by cirrhosis to function properly. : Many people with ARLD are vitamin A-deficient. Itвs important to note that taking vitamin A and alcohol together can be deadly. Only people who have stopped drinking can take these supplements. Supplements will not cure liver disease, but they can prevent complications like malnutrition.

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