why does my cat lay on my head at night

Have you ever been woken up because you're suddenly inhaling cat fur? It's a common situation for cat owners; at some point in the night or early morning, your cat ends up trying to sleep on your head. What on Earth causes this behavior? Why do cats insist on sleeping on their human's head? Cats have higher internal body temperatures than we do. A cat's normal temperature is between 100. 5 and 102. 4 F. It can be more difficult for a cat to keep that temperature while they're resting, so it's normal for them to seek out a heat source outside of their own body to help them maintain their normal temperature. Since a cat can't pull blankets over herself, she'll head toward the warmest spot available. Humans lose heat through their heads, plus the rest of us is often covered up while we sleep. That's why curling up next to or on top of your head makes perfect sense to your cat. If you tend to move around a lot in your sleep, the head of your bed might be more comfortable for your cat than the foot, where there is more movement and disruption. So your cat might be sleeping near your head because the foot of your bed is like a roller coaster for her.

Your cat might sleep near your head just because she loves you. Nighttime might feel to her like a great time for the two of you to bond, and your head and face are so much cozier to show love to than your feet. What if You Can't Sleep? If your cat's nighttime habits are keeping you awake, either because she's sleeping on your head or because she is showing her nocturnal personality and moving around or playing all night, what can you do? There are some things you can do to get your cat to let you sleep at night. First, provide your feline friend with a
of her own, near your head. Make sure that your kitty is getting exercise and food right before bedtime. In other words, simulate a successful hunt for her. Do some vigorous play right before bedtime, so she can feel like a predator, then feed her a nice, yummy meal. This will make her feel like she's caught and eaten her prey, and her next steps will be to groom herself and go to sleep. You can train your cat to stay out of your room at night.

For some cats, you can simply close your bedroom door, but if your cat scratches at the door or whines to get in, you can set up a baby gate down the hall so she can't get to your door. Most cats will adjust to the new situation in a few days. Just be sure that your cat has everything she needs (food, water, a litter box, a, and ) in the area in which she'll be staying at night. You can find more information in this helpful article: ". " You May Also Like These Articles: Posted on May 16, 2013 under Dr. Matheys is a veterinarian guest blogger for provider Pets Best Insurance. Hello. I m Dr. Jane Matheys from The Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital andPHotel in Boise, Idaho. Today I ll be answering some questions about cat health from the comments posted our Pets Best Insurance Facebook page. First one here, Karen asks: Why does my cat sleep on my head? Otherwise,Pshe s not overly affectionate. Well, it s not quite as unique as you mightPthink, Karen. It is pretty common for people to tell me that their kittiesPsleep on their head at night. There are several reasons for this. 1.

Nobody knows for sure, but my guess isPthat most likely the common reason is that cats do it for warmth. PeoplePlose most of their body heat through their head, and your kitty can feelPthat, so they wrap right against your head to get that warmth. OtherPthings? 2. Well, maybe they like the smell of your hair, especially us womenPwe often use products in our hair, and sometimes cats really like thatPsmell or the feel of the hair. I often have people tell me that the catsPlick their hair too. So I think it might be some of those hair productsPthat we use. 3. Being that close to you and picking up your scent might also give them aPsense of comfort. Your pillow might just be a real comfy place to sleep. SoPas long as the kitty is not disturbing your sleep, it s fine to let the catPdo that and enjoy some time with your kitty. If you have any other questions, please post them in the comments sectionPbelow, or visit the Pets Best Insurance Facebook page. See you next time. Pet Parents: Get Our Monthly Free eNewsletter! Learn more about pet insurance for your cat at petsbest. com

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