why does my computer freeze during games

Computer freezes then screen turns on and off while playing video games. Computer freezing while playing games and watching videos is it a motherboard or PSU issue? Computer freezing while playing games and watching videos is it a motherboard or PSU issue? Computer Freezes while playing games, peripherals lose power
Computer freezing while playing games and sometimes during videos like YouTube and Netflix. Games crashing, computer freezes while playing. Computer freezing, restarting while playing games or watching videos. Computer freezes while playing games. Computer freezes on last frame while playing games. ($50 if you fix) Computer freezes, studders and makes a boop noise while playing games.

Computer freezes while playing games. I don't have a lot of information to go on, but I've been working with computers my whole life, and you start to get a feel for things. - Heat either was a problem, or is a problem. When you start playing games, the GPU on your video card actually begins to be used. At that point, it will start to heat up. The point of failure will be based on how quickly things heat up, and when the physical circuitry reaches a certain temperature, things will freeze.

Look for a fan that's not working, cooling that's not working, etc. Now, WHEN this happens, even when you cool it back down, the heat will generally degrade the chip, and it will slowly get worse/more sensitive over time. You really don't want the problem to be temperature, but hey, I've experienced freezing many times due to heat and it's exactly the way you describe. - Incompatibility: Your main board and your graphics card may just not be fully compatible. Many times there are quirks between different manufacturer hardware, and by themselves work fine, but when the two come together, they don't get along.

You see this mostly with DVD -R discs and different kinds of DVD burners, but it happens with Video Cards and Motherboards as well. Unfortunately it's something you have to avoid by checking specs and recommendations from others, before buying, rather than something you can fix. Fixing would require that you fix the bugs in their firmware or change their product. Check around to see if there is any kind of incompatibility between those two. In the past it's come down to this device doesn't work right on a VIA bus. Wow, what a revelation! But it's happened to me once I dug deep. - Drivers: Drivers work between the devices.

Try an updated driver, or go to nVidia's site, and download the reference driver. What this means, is, nVidia creates a driver that works, then gives it to Microsoft and others to package with their products. If you video card was OEM'ed, you may not have the same driver! Install the reference driver. I've actually seen USB devices cause computers to freeze. I've also seen bad memory cause the computer freeze. I'm sorry that I don't have any actual answers, but I hope this gives you an idea of some things you can try. Thank you,

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