why does my computer keep going offline

Try to disable work offline in Internet Explorer on your computer and check if the issue gets fixed. Method 1: "work offline" to untick it. Tools Menu Bar is if you do not already have "file, edit, view, etc". Method 2 : Open Internet Explorer Tools Click on "work Offline" to untick it. Method 3: To determine whether a performance issue or an error message is caused by configuration settings, reset Internet Explorer to its default configuration.

This was its state when Windows Vista was originally installed. To reset Internet Explorer settings automatically, click the Fix it button or link in the below article. Click Run in the File Download dialog box, and follow the steps in the Fix it wizard. Refer the below article which has step by step information in detail to optimize IE. http://support. microsoft. com/default. aspx/kb/936213
I do have 1 quick question. you asked me.

What do you scan for adware and spyware with. well I have no idea. Is the Grisoft Avg software that you use to scan for it, or should I download something else. Anyway thanks for your help, and I will be getting rid of my Norton 2002 and will replace it with 2004 Dealing with adware and spyware is a somewhat different issue than with viruses, though Trojans overlap some.

You can start by reading my malware article; the link is in my signature, below. It will help give you a better idea of what software to download and which questions to ask. There is nothing that Norton do for you that AVG can't, except suck up resources -- that's what it's best at; I cannot recommend Norton software for any purpose (except some of the free tools, perhaps -- I'm grateful for those).

I'd stick with the Grisoft stuff for now. I'm in the process of writing an article on Securing Windows XP and I will post it to my site when it's finished, probably by the weekend (maybe a bit later).

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