why does my computer keep locking itself

if set that will put you back to logon screen after a sleep. http://www. computerperformance. co. uk/vista/vista_hibernate. htm How to troubleshoot performance issues with standby, hibernate, and resume in Windows Vista http://support. microsoft. com/kb/950686 Might need to reset all Power Settings back to default and then put back as you prefer. http://www. vistax64. com/tutorials/63567-power-options-sleep-mode-problems. html How to enable and disable Hibernation - you can try disabling it and reenabling it. http://www. vistax64. com/tutorials/165508-hibernation-enable-disable. html http://www. vistax64. com/tutorials/198047-power-plan-restore-default-settings. html Control Panel - Device Manager - look at Power Management settings for Network Card, WiFi, Modem, and other devices. (Double click the device and Power Management Tab) Might need to reset all Power Settings back to default and then put back as you prefer.

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Rob - Bicycle - Mark Twain said it right. Hi everyone. I tried to search the forums before i made this post, but cannot seem to find a post that helps me out.

My PC is suddenly deciding to lock itself after being left alone for a while. It happens whether i just leave it sit with the monitor off, or even if i put the computer to sleep if i am going to be a way for a while. It never did this before. Please note the following: The display is set to turn off NEVER. I have set my PC for use with High Performance Audio, and do not want it to sleep, lock, or have a screen saver start up while in the process of ripping, burning CD's etc.

This just started two days ago. I have not downloaded or changed anything or any setting. I just came home, and had set my PC to sleep. When i got home, the monitor was on with the Login screen showing and saying it is locked. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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