why does my computer keep opening new windows

Follow the steps provided below and check if that helps. Step 1: LetБ check if БOpen each folder in same windowБ is enabled. Click on start and click on Computer. Click on Organize and click on folder and search options. Click on Apply and click Ok. Step 2: If the above step did not help then, create a new Windows user account and check if the issue persists.

Refer the link provided below to create a new user account. http://windows. microsoft. com/en-US/windows7/Create-a-user-account To fix the corrupted profile follow the steps mentioned in the article below. http://windows. microsoft. com/en-US/windows7/Fix-a-corrupted-user-profile Step 3: You may also refer to the link provided below for more information. http://support. microsoft. com/kb/980396 http://windows. microsoft. com/en-US/windows7/Add-a-Bluetooth-enabled-device-to-your-computer http://windows. microsoft. com/en-US/windows7/Change-settings-for-a-Bluetooth-enabled-device how do I stop constant redirects and new windows opening in Mac Chrome?

Chrome keeps opening random tabs to Advert sites (igetsend. ru) Why is Chrome Laggy AF when I open new tabs/windows? (esp when I resize it s windows) Chrome randomly keeps opening tabs on Pavilon DV6 (Graphics??? ) spam pages keep opening on chrome.

Fans speed up/down every few seconds when opening new Chrome tabs, Google Earth, etc - why Problems opening Chrome in Windows 8. 1 Chrome keeps randomly crashing and I cant open it again, so I have to restart my PC, why?

Just built my new PC. Trying to download Google Chrome, but the download keeps freezing halfway. Purchased new PG279Q and flicker when opening Chrome? Explorer. exe keeps crashing/restarting whilst opening windows apps and Task manager Random CMD Windows keeps Opening. Constant redirects and new tabs opening up in Chrome.

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