why does my computer not wake up from sleep mode

There may be times where you may find that try as you may, your
Windows 10/8/7 computer does not wake up from Sleep Mode. Moving the mouse or pressing keyboard keys just does not help. If you face this issue, maybe some of these suggestions I have made here, may help you. is a power-saving state that allows a computer to quickly resume full-power operation (typically within several seconds) when you want to start working again. Putting your computer into the sleep state is like pausing a DVD player; the computer immediately stops what itБs doing and is ready to start again when you want to resume working. 1] Make sure that all your device drivers are up-to-date.

If not, then update your drivers. Use and see if it can diagnose and fix your problem automatically. 2] Start Windows in and see if the problem disappears. If so then some program or process is interfering with resumption of Sleep. Try to identify the process. 3] For your Keyboard and Mouse, ensure that the Allow this device to wake the computer setting is checked. You will see this setting in the devices Properties box, under Power Management tab. 4] Open an window, type the following command and hit Enter: This will list devices that are currently configured to wake the computer from any sleep state.

This will give you information about the event that woke the computer from the last sleep transition. Well, my image may appear blank, because I am facing no issues, but if your laptop is facing problems, you will find some useful information here. 5] If is enabled, it is known to cause such problems. To disable it, open Control Panel All Control Panel Items Power Options Edit Plan Settings. Click on Change advanced power settings For your Power Plan, change the setting to Off. Hope something helps! A Windows computer can face several other Sleep-related issues. Maybe some of these posts will help you someday.

Title says it all. So I NEVER put my PC to sleep usually since I have an SSD and it boots so fast that there's usually no need to do so, but I tried to put it to sleep on my way to class once and it did not want to power back up. It got to the point where I removed parts from my PC trying to start up and it still wouldn't load. It eventually (and I kid you not) powered itself back on after an hour of never touching it, and the PC loaded back right where I left off with no errors. This only started happening after I installed my new PC case and liquid cooling system. The second time this happened yesterday, I did a bit of some research and figured out a way to get it out of sleep mode which I tested and worked twice.

How I fixed it: 1. Unplug the PC from the main and power off power supply. 2. Hold down the power button with PC unplugged for 30 seconds. 3. Leave PC alone for 3 minutes. 4. Replug everything back in and it powers back up right where it left off. Research tells me it's that my USB devices need to be enabled to wake the computer up from device manager but I have already done this and checked it 3 times. Any ideas to figure out why my PC does not want to come out of sleep mode the normal way? I have no idea. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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