why does my cat pee in my house

First, to catspyjamas: if you respond, please say my username in the comment, as i can't tell to whom most of your comments are directed. thank you! my female cat is about eight years old. she has been peeing outside of her litter box for around four years, off and on, to varying degrees. she has been to multiple vets about this over those years, and no sickness has ever been found. she did have one UTI, but it was last year, when this had already been happening for years and she had been tested for UTIs with negative results until then. after an antibiotic, she tested as healthy again. we have moved twice during the time she's been doing this, but beyond that being a factor, i still need it to /stop. / it has gotten worse than ever lately. we no longer have carpet (she was the reason we made sure to move into a place with hard floors), which used to be her main target. but now she has taken to peeing on blankets, furniture, the wood floors, my shoes, and one night a few weeks ago she even peed on the bed while we were asleep in it. our new vet asked if she was spayed, which she is; they asked because she was listed as female rather than spayed by our old vet. they said if she weren't spayed, we could tell by things like backing up into things while shaking her tail. well, she does do that, so we asked the vet to make sure she is spayed. they spayed her belly and found the scar to confirm it. plus, she's from a shelter that listed her as spayed when i got her, and the vet confirmed it would be unheard of for a shelter to release a cat to a home without spaying her, especially if they said they had. the vet suggested that maybe they only took out one ovary, which would leave behind some of the hormones. i googled spayed cats peeing and found that they are prone to spraying, so we thought maybe that's what's happening - hormonal peeing. but since it has gotten really bad recently, we have caught her in the act and right after several times, and she is /not/ spraying. she is full-on peeing. she actively stakes out places, positions herself comfortably the same way she does in the litter box, and pees a huge puddle. yes, the way she positions herself in the litter box - because she does still use it. she doesn't poop outside of it, and she sometimes pees in it as well. it's in an accessible location, it's way easier for her to get into than a lot of the furniture she jumps onto to pee when she's rejecting it, and i haven't changed litter brands since she was probably two years old. the litter is unscented. we do have two cats, and for a long time we had two boxes, but she started all this while we had two boxes. at the beginning of this year we got a LitterRobot, and once the cats took to it, we got rid of the other boxes, because it cleans itself seven minutes after use, every single time. so she always has clean litter. she always has access to clean water, and also gets hydration through wet food. she loves our other cat and gets along well enough with our dog. vets have always concluded she must simply be stressed, but i don't see what she has to be so stressed about. it's never been right after a move that she starts up with it, either. it's always when we've been settled in a place for at least several months. we've been in this apartment for eight months, and it's only gotten really bad in the last month or two. she honestly seems to just enjoy doing it, even though she also clearly knows it's wrong based on how she reacts to being caught. today she peed on the couch, then curled up next to the pee and went peacefully to sleep. there is a neighborhood kitten/young cat that has suddenly appeared and started hanging around our building, which i imagine could be triggering her territorial reflex more than usual and causing the recent onslaught of constant peeing, but that cat has never been inside, i don't touch it when i see it, and again, she isn't spraying - she is fully peeing. we deep clean the living hell out of things when she pees on them. vinegar, baking soda, charcoal powder, tea tree oil, and stain/odor spray, ALL of those methods every time, plus putting things through the laundry or hand washing them. we've actually had to get rid of some things, like our bathmat, that were aging way faster than they should be due to the excessive cleaning. i would love to hear any thoughts on what might be causing this, but more importantly, what we might do about it. hopefully not just the stock advice of get a second litter box or go to the vet - we have spent so much money on vet appointments to get the same response - she is physically fine - and she was doing this when we had multiple litter boxes.
My male cat Dean has been neutered and for the last couple of months, since the start of spring, he keeps spraying at the front door on the inside of the house.

My husband has noticed another male cat that likes to sit on the other side of our front door and also spray.

We have a neighbor a few houses down that keeps allowing their female to have multiple litters of kittens thus attracting all of these tomcats and forcing Dean to stake his claim inside the house. When we would leave the windows open, before the start of summer to take advantage of energy savings, he was spraying MY side of the bed.

We thought it was the fact that our dog was getting into the cat food, which was in our bedroom, so we moved the food to another room. Our female cat, Sam, also began actually urinating in front of the bed as well. The litter box is in the basement (we have a ranch style home). They have complete access, it is cleaned every week, both boxes. I even got one of those waterfall water dishes and still Dean sprays and now they are both starting to poo inside the house. And it has occurred right after I put fresh litter in it. Sam isn't even covering her poo in the box. And it is not pleasant at all. It has a very pungent metallic smell to it. Bad smells don't usually bother me like that, but this is GOD AWFUL CRAP! Makes me gag. I can't handle it and I clean the cat pans. I've also noticed the spraying is following the coffee table from one end of the living too to the other, which is wooden. Should I pitch it or just cover it with a stain and some varnish? We can't afford new furniture at this point. I have changed their litter back to what we were using before. I have changed their food to the more expensive, grain free, organic, blah blah blah. Using any kind of regular Cat Chow from Purina turns poor Sammy into the good year blimp! Needless to say, I am at my wits end. I love my furbabies but this is just exhausting. I've nearly gone through 3 bottles of concentrated carpet cleaner from hoover. I'm going to give these methods you mentioned a try and hopefully, in a month or two come back with a much better result. I hate having anybody come into my house and the first thing they smell is cat urine. Makes me feel like I have a disgusting house, like I don't take care of my home at all. Extroidinairly fruatrating.

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