why does my computer screen go green

There is a red, blue, and green "guns" inside the monitor neck. The green carries the main video signal. 1. try adjusting the monitor colors with knobs or user interface buttons. Also the brightness and contrast. If knobs, the potentiometers connected may be getting dirty tracks. If buttons, sometimes the circuits need kicked around a little. 2. BE VERY CAREFUL. the big tube (CRT) can hold 14,000v for awhile.

Open up the monitor, not an easy job maybe, and CAREFULLY work the connector on the rear of the CRT a little off and then back on. The pins of the CRT can get a little corroded and cause slight connecttion problems, causing color changes. 3. If no help after this work, yes, get another monitor.
Hi Arnol, Please provide some more information for me to understand the issue better. 1.

What is the file format of the Video? 2. Are you watching online videos or videos which are saved on the computer? 3. What is the make and model of the graphic card? 4. Which app are you using to play videos? 5. Did you make any changes to the computer prior to the issue? This may be an issue if the graphic card drivers are not updated or not configured properly.

You may try the following steps and check if these steps help you in resolving the issue. : If the issue is with playing any video online or the videos saved on the computer you may update the graphic card drivers and check if this helps. a. Windows + X, select Device Manager. b. Click on. c.

Right click on each driver at a time. d. Click. If the issue is with playing only online videos you may refer to the article and check if this helps. http://windows. microsoft. com/en-IN/internet-explorer/videos-dont-work#ie=ie-10 Please get back to us and let us know if this helps, if the issue persist get back to us with more information. We are here to assist you.

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