why does my cat poop on my carpet

Simple littler box discomfort could also be the problem. Cats generally prefer shallow litter -- roughly 1 inch high. Cramped quarters could also be behind why Fluffy is choosing to eliminate all over the living room carpet. Look into getting a box that is a little roomier for your pet, especially if she is of a bigger cat breed, say a Maine coon. Cats are also very modest and private creatures. If kitty's box is in an area of your home that has a lot of traffic, she may prefer to relieve herself in a more peaceful spot, such as your downstairs den. Lastly, make sure to keep your cat's box far, far away from her water and food. Felines prefer to keep eating and elimination separate, which is understandable!
I m realllllllly hoping SOMEONE with experience will read through my post and offer up some advice, tips, anything! I am almost to the end!!!!! My sweet calico cat Joy, is fixed and front declawed. She was born Nov. 20, 2007 and I have had her since January 2008 (she is almost 5 years old). She is up to date on all her shots, and overall very healthy (we took her to the vet 5 months ago. ) She has seemed to be a high anxiety kitty when I reflect back to her is only progressively getting worse.

She started peeing outside of her litter box about 3 years ago after I had a room mate who had MANY wild cats. She has not been exposed to that environment in 2 and a half years now since I got married. For almost a year after this, she was the only kitty. About a year and a half ago, my husbands friend had to get rid of their male cat who is fixed, otherwise they were going to put him down (Oliver). We took him in. We noticed some alpha/beta issues almost immediately, but with her. The new kitty Oliver was very meek and quiet. They have a love hate relationship. Oliver is a bit territorial when it comes to HIS toys, HIS food, HIS litter box, but they DO play together and do the usual kitty stuff. About 2 months ago, Joy started pooping outside the litter box, peeing on all of my area rugs, and has always marked certain spots within the apartment. Just a few days ago, I came home from a long 12 hour shift and smelled her urine in our bathroom. She is now peeing on a very expensive rug that was a wedding gift. We have lived here almost 3 years and just now is going into the bathroom, after the fact she has already claimed most of the dinning room (where she is always pooping underneath the kitchen table nook), rugs, etc.

Our apartment is pretty much all carpet except for the kitchen and bathroom. being a kitten. However, she has always been exposed to other cats. THINGS I HAVE TRIED (things the Vet suggested and I have read): 1. We have 2 cat litter boxes. (we had 3 and the 3rd one went untouched for 4 months so we got rid of it. ) 2. We have tried odorless clumping litter, Arm and Hammer brand corn type of litter (to which she seemed to like for awhile), then switched brands because I read about not choosing a cat litter smell for my preference, but for her s, so I got a pine smelling kind, still no effect. 3. Using two different types of litters in each litter box. 4. changing granuel sized litters (still no effect). 5. moving the cat litter box to where she is peeing and pooping (she used it for a few days then would start doing it right outside the litter box. ) 6. Scrubbed, and scrubbed and scrubbed and. SCRUBBED! 7. Threw pepper down in all the area, after a few days she was back at it again. 8.

Placed sticky paper over the area she was doing her business. She just ended up pushing the paper in the corner to continue her thing. Joy has always been the kind of kitty that will run and hide from anyone that comes over. Eventually she will warm up, but it takes a very long time! She can be purring so contently on me where she likes to be with the fleece blanket, and one little noise and she jumps and runs and hides. Sometimes I think she acts like a kitty who has been abused but that seems impossible because I ve NEVER hit her (altho I ve reallllllllly wanted to sometimes!!!! ). QUESTIONS: 1. Is there a litter that I am missing?!?!?! 2. Would medication help her because of her anxiety?!?!?! 3. IS there safe medication out there for anxiety?!?!?!?! ANY suggestions would be so grateful Anyone who may read this, I m already grateful for you taking the time to read this long saga!!! hahaha. I love my Joy She IS my daughter, I have no kids. I love Oliver too! Our cats are our children. I can t imagine having to get rid of either, but I just do NOT know what to do!!!!!!!!!

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