why does my computer shut down when i play games

I had the exact same problem. I refused to believe it was a direct hardware problem. Firstly the problem only occured when playing games and secondly it happened with any game of any graphical intensity, even very old school low graphics games. Thirdly, the problem occured very consistently about 5 minutes into a game. This just doesnt seem like faulty hardware at first sight, more like a software issue related to drivers. So I SOLVED IT. Here's what I did: I simply reverted to the previous version of the NVidia display drivers!

Simples. The version I used that was problematic was the 338. xx range, when I reverted to the 335. xx versions all my woes were gone. This doesnt mean that the exact same versions will work for everybody, so I would suggest you systematically downgrade the version of your display drivers until you find the one that works.

If you are not using the latest drivers (338. xx at the timeof writing) you could also try upgrading instead of downgrading. Visit the nvidia site for the drivers. Dont go wasting any money on any hardware before trying this!
When playing games like warframe my laptop will suddenly shut down without any warning. I recently reset my computer because it wasn't working properly and sleep mode was screwed up. The laptop is running faster now but all of a sudden this problem appeared.

Before the reset and when it was working fine I could play games like warframe and blacklight retribution but now when I try to play them I can for a little bit with no lag and no overheating (I checked, everything is at around 50C after shutting down and instantly rebooting. ) The computer started slowing down and overheating so I got a cooling pad and reset the pc with windows reset feature and reinstalled all of my programs (Steam, Skype, avast! , etc. ) and tryed playing Warframe and it was working fine.

The laptop wasn't hot, it was running fine and then it shut down, for absolutely no reason! Can anyone help please?! Processor: Intel Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2. 50 GHz RAM: 8. 00 GB (7. 89 Usable) System Type: 64 bit Operating System, x64-based processor OS: Windows 8 (Not 8. 1)

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