why does my cat poop outside the litterbox

I changed by litter with litter, recommended to me by a friend. I found out my cat really liked this litter. Ohh! IБm so relieved now seeing my cat poop inside the box. You can also try different depths of the litter in order to see which depth suits your furry pet. Hope that you have got the answer to your question. Now, you do not have to seek answers to Б
why is my cat pooping outside the litter box? Б Try these above methods and youБll see that your cat will start pooping inside the litter box, rather than dirtying up your home. And, donБt just wait for your cat to start pooping inside the box on its own.

You are the parent of your cat, so itБs your responsibility to take action right away you notice some change in your catБs pooping habits. Finding our cat's stool outside their usual place, the litter box, is one of the situations that disturb us the most as cat owners, given the fame of extreme neatness that these felines boast. And it is true that, from a very young age, as soon as they begin to take their first steps away from their mother, about three weeks after birth, they are already able to use the litter box with total correctness.

And to do this, in stark contrast to what happens with puppies, you don't have to do anything but show them, put them in it and move the sand slightly, imitating the scratching they do naturally. The fact that the cat poops outside the litter box indicates a problem. In no case is it produced because the animal wants to bother us, we must get rid of these myths once and for all. Our cat is going through a bad time and our obligation as owners is to help them, investigating the causes of their behavior and solving the problem so that your cat's habits go back to normal.

If improper defecation occurs only once, we may consider it a one-off occurrence and should not give it any further importance. The problem is when this behavior is repeated until it becomes habit. First of all we should take our cat to the vet to rule out a physical cause that responds to why your cat poops outside the litter box, such as constipation, the or even some musculoskeletal disorder, neurological alteration or senility, in the case of an elderly cat. If the vet concludes that your cat is healthy, we can focus on finding an environmental cause: let's look at the litter box.

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