why does my cat run around after pooping

In humans, the vagus nerve, which descends from the brainstem to the colon and is stimulated during defecation, can cause all kinds of reactions, even feelings of exhilaration, according to gastroenterologist Dr. Anish Sheth, who wrote "
A similar phenomenon could be occurring in cats and could explain why cats seem elated and happy, running around and scratching their scratching posts with joy, Erin Willis, animal physiologist at Oklahoma State University, told The Dodo. "Dr.

Sheth calls the pleasurable sensation with defecation 'poo-phoria. ' Good name for humans I guess, but the term 'poop crazies' is much better for cats, in my opinion, since they essentially run around like crazy cats afterwards," Willis said, adding that there is very little research on the matter. As every cat lover already knows, felinesPhave some truly strange habits.

In addition to crazy meowing sessions in the middle of the night, my childhood cat totally loved sleeping in ridiculous positions, bringing his feet up to his head when he was happy, and laying smack dab in the middle of the newspaper we were reading every morning. And every cat seems to exhibit these crazy habits they all seem completely passive aggressivePwhen it comes to petting, and seenP what they do when you put a cucumber behind them?

Another universal kitty oddity is their habit of crazily bolting around the house as soon as they re finished using the litter box. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Are they afraid? Embarrassed? PDo they hate the smell of their own business? Below are a few insights as to why your cat goes crazy post-poo. [H/T:

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