why does my cat run around the house at night

Does your cat nap all day and then come to life at night? Getting as much exercise as they can by running around the house. But
Why Do Cats Run Around At Night? We take a look at the reasons cats run around at night. keeping you awake when you need to sleep. Why Do Cats Run Around At Night? #1. Your cat is bored and wants to play Cats, being nocturnal animals, are most energetic at night by nature. And just like humans, they sometimes want to have fun to the fullest. This is neither strange nor bad, except that it might sometimes keep you awake. Cats see everything in the house as a play toy and are quite happy to entertain themselves with many things in the house. Some can go as far as trampling your face and pawing your feet to engage you while you are at the peak of your night s sleep. If your cat failed in their attempt to get you up from bed, or if you locked your cat out of your bedroom, you leave your cat no other choice than to entertain. This can involve throwing cat toys around or chasing their own tail. #2. Hyperactivity burst Cats naturally spend most of the daytime sleeping to recharge themselves from the previous night and to accumulate enough energy for their next hunt. The energy in them gets so intense in the night that it makes them super-active and this is displayed in their hunting technique; where they quietly approach their prey and pounce on them in full force.

When their accumulated energy reaches its peak and they can no longer hold it, they let it out in an outburst and this makes them jump and run around in the night for no obvious reason. #3. Your cat is hungry and wants to get your attention Cats are nocturnal animals and the night can be too long for them to go without food. The feeling leaves them no option than to meow and bother their owner all night when they feel hungry, even if you need to get up to work the next day. Not all cats would wake their owners to be fed in the middle of the night though. Some cats do well adjusting to human schedules. Feeding your cat late in the night before going to bed or with an automated feeder can help you keep to the biological schedule of your pet. One of the best practices as a pet cat owner is to avoid giving it breakfast immediately after leaving the bed. This will prevent your pet cat from connecting the two actions (Бwaking you upБ and Бgetting breakfastБ) with each other. #4. It could be an infestation or health challenge If your cat s midnight running around includes meows, it could be a result of a bite from a flea.

This consequently can result in serious itching that may feel uncomfortable for your cat. Running around in the middle of the night can also be a result of a skin disorder that worsens in the night and Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS) is a well-known cause of this cat reaction. This disorder results in an increase in general activity and makes the cat display some aggressive behaviours like attacking its own tail, self-grooming and self-directed pouncing, vocalization, or pupil dilation for some minutes. Hyperthyroidism in cats, which results from an increase in the production of thyroid hormones, is also known to cause hyperactivity. If you think your cat has any change in their health then it is always best to take them to the vet for a check up. How Can You Stop Your Cat Running Around At Night? 1. Buy automated cat toys that can keep your cat entertained. 2. Engage your cat in a heavy play session at night to exhaust your cat and help them sleep throughout the night. 3. Delay your catБs dinner until very late in the night when you are about to sleep. 4. Lock your cat out of the room until morning. Does your cat run around at night and what do you do to stop them? Everyone who has lived with a cat has seen him just suddenly race from one side of the room to anotherб for no apparent reason.

It seems to be a universal behavior of domestic cats, but have you ever considered why they do it? I have heard some amusing rumors that the БzoomiesБ are related to the anesthetic drugs that were usedб when the cat was neutered, but there is no evidence at all for this theory. Even cats that are too young to have been neutered experience this delightful phenomenon and cat owners the world over laugh and wonder about it. The behavior is more likely to be a throwback from kittenhood when your cat was learning to apprehend and pounce for later hunts. Young cats practice all sorts of behaviors to fine tune their balance, speed, timing and agility. Some wild felines continue to mature and fine tune their abilities for years before hunting on their own. During the random flights, cats often look mischievous or seem gleeful. They do not typically appear stressed or fearful and if they can get you to join in the games, all the better. Whatever the reason really is, it seems to be really fun for all ages and even older cats indulge. So next time Fluffy gets the zoomies, just laugh and join in! Wanna talk cat? Find me and other cat lovers on Facebook!

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