why does my cat run through the house

Another time Kitty may run around the house is while you're trying to get some sleep. In the wild, Kitty would be nocturnal, meaning he's awake at night. Cats also do most of their hunting at night. Us humans have the strange habit of sleeping for long periods of time, usually at night. Kitty tends to take his long hours of sleep in short bursts. He'll probably take advantage of the quiet time when you're away at work to nap. It's also a good way to keep from getting bored when his favorite person is away. Since he's spent most of the day resting, when you're ready to call it a night, he's ready to play. He'll keep himself entertained by chasing his toys or buddies around the house.
When you see your cat zooming past you at the speed of light, dont get boggled,Pthe feline is simply reverting to its natural impulse. This cat behavior referred to as P zoomies or kitty crazies could be due to varied reasons ranging from Cats territorial instinct, a possible flea infestation, or even Feline Hyperesthesia in some case s. P Let us attempt to interpret the various reasons that beckon the kitty to act in such a manner. P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P PP Your cat could be running after a rat CatsPoften succumb to its wild side and innate instincts.

This does not mean that the cat owner is not providing its pet with an adequate diet. PYou may be going out of your way to procure hearty, treats and cat snacks. Your well fed feline will still feel the urge to run after its prey and give it a hard time. Its the cats way to exercise and burn off some calories- Your podgy furry buddy every now and then may want to spend the excess physical energy that gets build up within. A cat can sleep for 16 hours on an average each day. A kittens snooze time could be as long as 18 hours per day. With so much rest, the cat is able to conserve a good deal of energy. Now a house cat is not required to hunt and chase its food, therefore the reserved energy is hardly spent. Running suddenly and crazily around the house at a fast speed is an outlet for the cat to release all this energy. Not just the start but the end of the sprint could be abrupt as well. The sudden leaping and quick running could be a move to guard its territory- The cat considers your house and the outdoors within the boundary, its own territory.

Presence of another pet/animal in the interiors or exteriors of the abode will not be acceptable by your pet. Once the cat senses the presence of a four legged outsider in its admission restricted territory, be ready to witness an act of territorial defense. Is your cat suffering from a flea attack? The stinging flea bite is an unwelcome pain. The pain will cause immense discomfort to your kitty. The itching sensation may want the cat to scratch the area and this only worsens the condition. The pain may drive the running behavior in your pet. There are spot on treatments for external parasites, tick powders and sprays, combs and shampoos that banish the fleas effectively. Does your cat run after its done pooping? You may notice this sort of running after its done with doing its business in the litter box. The possible cause of this is again something to do with the felines natural instinct and defense mechanism. In its natural environment a cat sprints after burying its fecal matter. Now the burying as well as sprinting is linked to the cats need to evade an ambush by a predator in the wild.

Burying the poop will prevent the smell of it to reach a stealthy predator, hence blocking the cats whereabouts. Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome- This can occur at any age, but mostly affects mature cats. The condition can result in the cat displaying an odd behavior that manifests into abnormal biting of the tail, obsessive licking and scratching with its hind claws and frantically running around the house. Another symptom and an important indicator would be the rippling of the cats skin along its back. If you notice these symptoms consult your vet for help and a suitable treatment procedure. Lastly exercising your cat is something that is unavoidable and prevents your cat from turning obese. Play time will help the pet to use up much of its pent up stamina and may help the cat overcome its sudden bursts of frenzied running around. Toys such as balls, scratching ramps boards, catnip ball mouse, tunnels, and will keep your pet stay constructively engrossed even when you are away. http://www. petful. com/behaviors/why-does-my-cat-go-crazy-and-run-around/ http://pets. thenest. com/indoor-cats-run-house-9429. html

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