why does my cursor jump around on my laptop

I just now realized my text jumping around problem. Took me nearly 4 mo to figure it out but not sure how to go about fixing it. This is what happened: I replaced the 750 harddrive in my Sony Vaio to a 1 TB drive. I then began having insanity producing text jumping. I went back to the computer store and they recommended change out the keyboard because there were a few sticky keys and they were convinced this was the problem even though I swore up and down that I did not have this text jumping prior to the change out of the hard drive despite a few sticky keys. We then changed out the keyboard and still no change. So then the computer tech at the shop said to be careful to not touch the touchpad while typing so I did that and still no change.

Now,here is the fix: I need to type with my fingers and wrists in the air without any part of my body touching the computer and then it works beautifully!!!! So there must be some interference produced when my wrists lie on the computer or possibly the weight on that part of the laptop. I think not the latter, however. I did note that one time I was wearing a bracelet with a large magnet clasp and that kept turning off the computer. So, wd like to know if anyone else has noted this phenomena. I have not turned off the touch pad but I am certain I am not touching the touch pad.
If you find that your mouse cursor jumps or moves on its own, automatically, randomly while typing in Windows laptop or computer, then some of these suggestions may help you fix the problem.

This could typically happen if your touchpad is sensitive and you accidentally touch the touchpad while typing. Cursor jumping around is another problem some users face, apart from having their. Here are a few suggestions. Go through the list and try them in any order you wish to. If something does not help you, do reverse the setting back. 1] Ensure that your Mouse, Touchpad and Keyboard device drivers are up-to-date. Ensure that the Mouse battery is OK. Run your scan to rule out the possibility of some malware causing this. 2] In Windows 8. 1, open Charms PC Settings PC and Devices Mouse and Touchpad.

Under Touchpad settings, you will see To help prevent the cursor from accidentally moving when you change the delay before clicks work. Here from the default Medium Delay, select Long Delay and see if it helps. In Windows 10, open Settings Devices Touchpad, and change the Touchpad sensitivity to Low sensitivity and see. 3] Open Control Panel Mouse Pointer Options. Uncheck Hide pointer while typing and see if it makes the problem go away. 4] Start computer in and see if the problem persists. If it does, then maybe some program is interfering with the normal functioning of the mouse. You will have to try and identify the probable cause. 5]. Open Device Manager, expand Mice and other pointing devices.

If you see some Touchpad entry, right-click on it and select Disable. Else open the Mouse Control Panel applet. The last tab usually offers you the option to disable Touchpad. 6] Install 3rd-party freeware called TouchFreeze and see ifб it works for you. This tool automatically disables Touchpad while you are typing text, to prevent the mouse cursor moving, if accidentally the palm of your hand brushes the Touchpad. Touchpad Pal is another useful tool for Windows users. It will detect any keyboard activity and immediately disable the touchpad. You can more details onб them. Let us know if any of these suggestions helped you or if you have any other suggestions to add. See this post if your in Windows.

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why does the cursor on my laptop keep jumping around
why does the cursor jump around on my laptop
why does my cursor keep jumping around
why does my computer cursor jump around
why does my mouse cursor jump around