why does my heart beat fast then slow

What If Your Heart Races? The normal heart averages between 60 and 100 beats per minute. When your heart beats faster than this, you have a condition called. When your heart races, itБs working too hard. It doesnБt have enough time to fill with
or pump it to the rest of your body. You might have heart palpitations or. You may also feel dizzy or faint. If you have or some types of, your chances of having tachycardia could be higher than normal. If you were born with an abnormal heart structure, this is called a congenital heart defect, and it might increase your odds as well. Other factors, like fever, or drinking too much, can also make your heart race. Your doctor may suggest medical treatment if your heart races too often or it lasts too long. In the meantime, he might recommend the following things to slow it down: Cut back on or Close your If you faint, have, or have chest pain that lasts longer than a few minutes, talk to your doctor right away or call 911.

Sometimes our hearts beat slower than 60 beats per minute. This is called. For some people, like athletes and healthy, young adults, this heart rate could be normal. But for others, it could be a sign that your and other organs arenБt getting enough oxygen to function like they should. If thatБs the case, you may feel faint, dizzy, weak, or short of breath. You might also have chest pains, memory problems, or tire easily. Bradycardia is caused by a problem with your heartБs electrical system. Your heart simply isnБt getting the signal to beat properly. This can happen for some or all of the following reasons: Damage to heart tissue from age or Congenital heart problems, which are present from birth An Inflammatory disorders, such as Medications for heart problems, or I too have VT. I was diagnosed in 1986.

I ve taken different meds over the years. I started off with Atenolol and right now I m on Toprol XL 25mg. Our family has heart disease on one side and cancer on the other. I got lucky and got both bad genes. Sometimes I ll be minding my own business and bam. It happens. A couple things the doctor is going to tell you is stay away from caffeine. That includes Chocolate. My hearing became impaired when he told me that. If you do have things like coffee and chocolate try to cut back for a while and see if that helps. You should get to the doctor and they can hook you up to the ECG machine and if your s is noticeable it will pick it up without you really feeling it. Meanwhile, if it should happen again, I know this is going to sound weird, but this is what the doctor told me years ago.

Go into the bathroom and splash really cold water on your face. It will shock you into a normal heart beat and then lay on the bed for a minute. If that doesn t work take 2 fingers and press gently onto your belly right above your belly button. I can t remember exactly what that does, but that used to help me too. It has gotten a little worse over the years, but really not much. I ve had this all my life. I remember when I was a little girl and used to go out and run around a lot and I would feel this and the doctor told my mom that it was just me playing too hard. Well, I still play hard, and I m not going to stop now. I still garden, ride my motorcycle and have lots of. well let your imagination run with that one. I just turned 50 this year and I m not slowing down anytime soon. Go to the doctor and get checked out. Take care, Lisa

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