why does perfume smell bad on me

What brands have you tried? You mentioned CdG, but have you tried many niche scents? If not, I'd suggest sending off for some niche samples. I'm not saying that niche is necessarily inherently better, but it's _different_. If you find that you don't like any of the current fashions in scent, then I think that the next logical step is to try different. - Remember that good perfumes are supposed to change, so what you smell in the first few minutes is not how the perfume will end up. - If the scent is too powerful on your arm, you could instead try a single spray on the back of your neck, where the path to your nose is a bit longer. I realize that flipping your hair back to spray your neck in a department store will feel a bit odd, but it might be worth it. (My other favorite place to spray is my stomach, but that would be _really_ weird in public. )
- Are you trying multiple scents at once? That will keep you from being able to judge the drydown over time. I'd suggest trying just one, and living with it for a few hours. Just because I always have to suggest things, some of my favorite non-floral non-vanilla scents are: - Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale. Sparkly gingery spicy; some people describe it as being like ginger soda. - Parfumerie Generale L'Eau Rare Matale: Tea, clean water, and charred wood. - l'Artisan Parfumeur Fou d'Absinthe: Absinthe; sharply medicinal, but in a good way. - Serge Lutens Chergui: Tobacco and honey and old musty house. - Parfumerie Generale Cuir d'Iris: Iris root and dragon leather. - Parfumerie Generale Iris Taizo, aka Iris Oriental: Stern iris drying down to delicious sweet iris dust. - Heeley Cardinal: Gorgeous church smoke. - LostMarch Din Dan: Lemons dancing in tap shoes. - Serge Lutens Chene: Rum and other delicious friends. - l'Artisan Dzing! : Stale carnival food and elephants. - Caron Alpona: Sharp orange with just a faint whiff of clean just-bathed cat.

Yes, in a good way. - Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque: Tigers prowling around a campfire. OK, I could go on forever, but my main message is: Send off for some niche. Edited to add: I forgot to say that when people complain about something being perfumey, they're quite often referring to aldehydes. I suspect that anything that includes aldehydes in the notes list, and anything described as an aldehydic floral, is going to be something that you'll dislike. I'm slowly learning to tolerate aldehydes, but they remain something that I tolerate for the sake of the rest of the perfume, not something that I seek. It's my opinion that a very large percentage of department store perfumes are heavy on aldehydes, though others may disagree and they may be right to do so. If there were truly a one-scent-fits-all perfume, perfumers would quickly go out of business. Lucky for them, what smells great on you might not smell as great on your friend (and vice versa). Your friend might smell like a summer meadow, but on your skin their perfume smells like pure alcohol. Why is this? It comes down to chemistry. Each persons skin is unique, and so is his or her natural scent. Perfumes react with the skin and the oils it produces to create something that can be utterly captivatingbut if the chemistry is off, the result can be downright noxious.

Your skin may be oily, fatty, or dry. The complex blend of chemicals on our skin (water, acids, fats, salts, sugars, etc. ) might be pure magic with a drop of the right stuff, or it might fall flat. The sebaceous glands (microscopic exocrine glands in the skin) excrete sebum, which makes it way to the surface of the skin through the hair follicles. Our diet, lifestyle, stress levels, all of these things affect how this oily substance smells. When this mixes with our sweat and our perfume, theres no telling what the result will be. If your friends perfume doesnt combine well with your body chemistry, this might be for a number of reasons. The problem might be with the perfumes top notes, heart notes, or its base notes. If the disagreeable scent disappears after a few seconds, the problem is probably with the top notes. If it emerges gradually, the problem is deeper. Whether the problem is immediately apparent or emerges slowly, dont settle for a perfume that is less than perfect at any point when you are wearing it. If, for instance, woody top notes dont work with your bodys chemistry, avoid them entirely. These notes might not work for you, but they might smell incredible on your friends skin. Dont get dismayed. A good perfume is like a good relationship. You need the right chemistry to make it work. Some people love the smell of liquorice, but it might cause others to turn up their noses. Some people love sweet perfumes; others cant stand them. No two noses are alike. You might think you smell great, but others might not enjoy the unique combination of your skins natural oils and your choice of perfume.

Again, theres no one-scent-fits-all perfume. We have more than 400 olfactory receptors in our noses, and no two are programmed exactly alike. The key is to find a perfume that leads to people frequently telling you how great you smell. Equally important is how you smell to yourself. You should love your scent. It should make you feel confident and alluring. Chances are that you are attempting to entice one gender more than the other. Its helpful to remember that men and women smell the world quite differently. While your nose might be drawn to creamy and fruity notes, the resulting mixture might be too sweet for some male preferences. The same goes if youre a man considering a new cologne. What smells good to you might not smell as good to a lady. Whether youre a man or a woman, it definitely helps to bring a partner when youre sampling scents. Theyll let you know when youre on the right track. Finally, remember that there our sense of smell is highly associative. Certain smells bring us back to very specific places and times. These memories can have a strong impact on whether we find a smell appealing or not. Even if the chemistry is perfect, sometimes the effects can be less than hoped for, and theres no accounting for this. Whatever you do, dont buy a perfume just because it smells great on your friend. Try it on yourself and let it move through all of its notes before committing to anything. Wait an hour or so, then let your nose (and a friends or a lovers nose) do its thing.

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